Coconut Oil Soaps

Handcrafted bars with a gentle lather, transparent, earth-friendly ingredients and recycled, plastic-free packaging

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Farm Art

Farm life captured within exclusive art prints and custom art creations, all joyfully inspired by the beauty and simplicity found right here in Southwest Michigan

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Triple B Balm

Buttery smooth balms blended by hand and made using beyond organic ingredients - an owner and family favorite!

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Homemade Deliciousness

Artisan sourdough loaves, hand-picked berry jams, seasonal fruit butters, and herbal syrups stirred, baked, and served with love.

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Heirloom Vegetables and Cut Flowers

Hundreds of varieties of heirloom vegetables and cut flowers grown in soil enriched with compost, companion plants, fungi, and the world's best earthworms

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Mason Jar Candles

Our candles are made from American soy wax hand-blended with pure essential oils for a clean, slow glow.

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Holistic, earth-centered wellness...from our flock to yours.

Welcome to Dancing Feathers Farm. We value sustainability, fair trade, the right to food, health, and happiness for all humans, and back-to-nature goodness. All our products are handcrafted in Bloomingdale, Michigan using high quality, responsibly-sourced ingredients. Our goal is to nurture you and your loved ones through this life with the light and nourishment found right in our own backyards.

Enjoy. We are so glad you're here.

Farm Goodness

Homemade Jams and Butters

Dancing Feathers Farm jams and butters are handmade and jarred right here on the farm. Taste the Michigan seasons by ordering jams for pickup at our farm stand in Bloomingdale or have a jar shipped right to your door.

Herbal Syrups

Our elderberry syrup is made and bottled by hand using our homegrown, pesticide-free elderberries and local honey. Enjoy your own bottle of this delicious herbal syrup by placing an order for pickup at our farm stand in Bloomingdale, Michigan or have some shipped to your door.

Bountiful Bouquets

Freshly cut, pesticide-free, hand-tied bouquets made with flowers grown right here on our farm will soon be available for pickup at our farm stand in Bloomingdale, Michigan.