Our store is temporarily closed while we get settled on our new farm in Michigan! Stay tuned for our relaunch.

Farm Happenings

  • Embracing Change

    What a year. I began this year with the highest hopes. I turned in my notice to quit the corporate job and work the farm full time. I applied and w...
  • Why Hire a Doula?

    You've heard the buzzword before....doula. Maybe you understood it immediately. Maybe you were as confused as we were when the "dab" came out. Rega...
  • Why Handmade Soaps?

    We never expected to be in the handmade soapin biz. It wasn't something Jen was particularly interested in at first. All those "lye will burn you" ...
  • Why Beeswax Wraps?

    We here at Dancing Feathers focus much of our time on developing ways our farm can align not only with what's best for our family and community, bu...
  • Why Triple B Balm?

    I use Dancing Feathers Farm's Triple B Balm every single day, on every single member of my household. One jar lasts my house of four people about 6 months. I adore the scent, the feel, and the results I've achieved with Triple B Balm and I will never, ever go back to using anything else for my skincare needs.
  • Why Chicken Feathers?

    Stand out! Distinguish yourself! Be bold! Every entrepreneur article I read shouts this advice again and again. Find your niche...and then make yourself stand out! Well my niche happens to be about a bajillion different things, my standout qualities tend to lend themselves better to bar crowds