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Why Triple B Balm?

A Note from the Owner about Triple B Balm: Jen's Experience

I have oily skin and dry skin. It shines and it flakes. It has bumps and it has grooves. It gives me grease and it gives me desert sand. All at the same time. I'd tried a number of top-brand-name "combination skin" cleansers, moisturizers, and spot treatments, and year after year, all of them left me financially depleted and still suffering with skin identity issues.

That's when Dancing Feathers Farm's Triple B Balm came into my life. I was overjoyed at the uncomplicated ingredient list. I didn't see anything I couldn't pronounce on the label. I was hesitant at first about trying oil on my skin....but to my great joy, the Triple B Balm soothed my irritated skin without causing breakouts.

The first time I used Triple B Balm, I recall thinking "whoa, this might be too much." I could feel the oil on my skin and it made me shudder - I hate the feeling of lotion on my skin! But after only a few minutes, the oils seemed to magically "disappear," which I later found out was simply my skin drinking in and absorbing all the goodness. What was left behind was soft, smooth, non-greasy skin that I couldn't get enough of. 

I started to use it for everything - acne spot treatment, chapped lips, after-shave calming lotion, and even as deodorant. I found it transforming my life and soon I was replacing bottle after bottle of drugstore solutions - and the best part? I felt good about it. I knew where the ingredients came from - I could follow them back to the source. I knew the balm was blended by hand, with love, and packaged just for me. It was deliciously simple and personalized. 

I soon started gifting Triple B Balm to friends and family. They told me story after story about how long-lasting it is, how well it soothed the tooshies of new babies and toddlers, and how it saves mamas during nursing sessions. The stories of healing inspired me to give a jar to a loved one diagnosed with cancer and undergoing painful, drying treatment. She adored and sung praises about how well Triple B Balm soothed her peeling hands and feet.

I think my favorite Triple B application is using it on my kids. I apply it to their cuts, bug bites, and rashes - with amazing results. Their cuts heal clean, well, and quickly. Their bug bites are soothed. Their rashes stop itching and burning. I can't even describe how happy it makes me as a mom to have a tool to end their discomfort. 

I use Dancing Feathers Farm's Triple B Balm every single day, on every single member of my household. One jar lasts my house of four people about 6 months. I adore the scent, the feel, and the results I've achieved with Triple B Balm and I will never, ever go back to using anything else for my skincare needs. 


This is a personal, individual account and review of Triple B Balm and is in no way endorsed by the FDA. Dancing Feathers Farm makes zero claims about any medicinal or healing properties of Triple B Balm and customers should always consult a licensed physician prior to the medicinal application of any non-FDA-approved product.

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