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Why Beeswax Wraps?

We here at Dancing Feathers focus much of our time on developing ways our farm can align not only with what's best for our family and community, but our planet. We never use pesticides, we are careful with what we rinse down our drains, we don't clean with toxins, we recycle packaging and flower receptacles, and we borrow clues from nature when solving problems. We also really, really love the idea of entire communities stepping up and taking part in the systemic change we all need to make in our daily lives to slow the destruction of our home, planet earth.

Beeswax wraps might not save the world. But they do solve a variety of problems we traditionally tossed into the ocean. 

Plastic food wrap cannot be recycled. Think about that. We have a (often) single-use product on the market today and it's selling! Boy do people love it! Frequent users can spend up to $200 a year on plastic wrap. We buy roll after roll of the stuff and use it daily, sometimes. What a neat invention....it keeps food fresh, and clean, and contained...and who wouldn't want that?

Well...the fine print is that this plastic wrap is also indestructible, cannot be reused or recycled, made from known carcinogens, and virtually lasts forever. As in, eternity. We don't have the widespread technology available today to reduce plastic wrap's pollution or remove it's existence. Yet we're still, as American families, using this product regularly, without batting an eye. It's too late for us to clean it all up now...we've been abusing the stuff for years! But we do have a fighting chance at keeping the plastic wrap pollution from getting worse.

Enter: the humble beeswax wrap. Made of responsibly-sourced fabric (recycled is great, GOTS-certified is better) and coated in melted beeswax and pine rosin, everything about beeswax wraps is recyclable. Compostable. Break...er...down-able. The stuff goes back to nature, is what I'm saying. We don't only get to use it once - we can use it hundreds of times. Wash it gently in cold water, let it dry. Use it again. And when we're completely done with them, beeswax wraps go in the compost, break down, and turn into food for the earth. 

All that environmental goodness aside, we personally love how the heat from our hands helps mold a beeswax wrap to our containers and food. It just feels good, through and through!

Investing in beeswax wraps is like voting for a healthier environment. It's like voting for clean oceans. Or voting for common-sense solutions to life's little problems. Vote with your dollars - and have fun while doing it! The patterns on the wraps are one of the best parts - stand out at the BBQ! Put a smile on your kid's face when she opens her lunch! Make your own day by wrapping your cheese with songbirds!

Cute, functional, and compostable? Doesn't get much better than that.

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