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Why Handmade Soaps?

We never expected to be in the handmade soapin biz. It wasn't something Jen was particularly interested in at first. All those "lye will burn you" precautions? For someone so naturally clumsy, she often trips over air? It didn't seem like a good idea.

But all it took was one bar. The very first soap ever made on Dancing Feathers Farm was the All is Fair Shea Butter bar. It was a hot day, and the window was open, and Jen stood stirring the lye into the water while holding her breath....'cept she didn't keep holding it and took a quick sniff out of curiosity and consequently burned her nose. Precautions! 

But then it was like magic. This beautiful liquid turned into a solid...and then she washed with it! The simplicity, and calm, and creativity, and sweet functionality of handmade soap made Jen wonder why anyone bought store-made, mass-produced soap at all. Homemade soap smells better, it feels better, it supports sustainable agriculture better, it supports our environment better, and it's better for our bodies. 

Smells Better: The scents we've achieved with our pure essential oil blends is insane - so fresh, so clean, so fragrance-oil-free.

Feels Better: We superfat our soaps so we can create a hard, long-lasting bar that also lathers really well and won't dry out your skin. We're also completely transparent about our ingredients, which means our patrons can easily check against allergy triggers and sensitivities.

Supports Agriculture: Dancing Feathers Farm relies heavily on small-batch ingredients and we take pride in supporting suppliers who, like us, are transparent about their growing and production. We will never knowingly support a supplier who mistreats our planet, animals, or plants. 

Supports Environment: We use minimal packaging and zero palm oil. Palm oil is extremely hard on our environment and contributes heavily to deforestation, the destruction of animal populations, habitats, and the rights of indigenous populations. Dancing Feathers Farm instead rely on sustainably-produced oils that we can trace back to suppliers, recycled packaging, and homegrown colorants and herbs. 

Better for Bodies: PEG-12, Polysorbate 20, fragrance, FD&C Green No. 3.....very common ingredients in a very popular store-bought soap brand...but what do these things do to our bodies? How do they play out against our super-sensitive hormones or pH balance? How do these chemicals play with the intricate chemicals in our bodies? Luckily, you don't need to ask yourself these questions when washing with Dancing Feathers Farm soaps....because we use none of these ingredients. We don't need to preserve our soaps, or make them easier to wash off, or any other shortcut around the bottom line that store-made, mass-produced soaps simply can't get the job done without contributing to an infectious and profitable chemical industry determined to use man-made "science" to solve problems nature's already taken care of. 

At the end of the day, you don't want to clean yourself with toxins. Dancing Feathers Farm's handmade soaps are beautiful, intricate, adorable, bubbly little bars of joy crafted with love, health, and undiluted happiness.

One bar, and you won't go back.

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