Our Story

Dancing Feathers Farm is a 14-acre flower and heirloom vegetable farm located in Bloomingdale, Michigan. Our true passion is helping friends take small, gentle steps toward health and self-sustainability. We work every day to remove the veil cast upon sustainable wellness and enhance awareness of the freedom, contentment, and joy we can derive from things found within ourselves and our own backyards. 

We are owned and operated by a chicken-crazy mama named Jen, who wouldn’t get a thing done without the help and love of her daughters and bearded man. The farm is Jen’s love child, conceived after a lifetime of disappointment from ineffective products and medical practices, specifically those aimed at women’s health, anxiety, depression, dermatology, endocrinology, and obstetrics. Jen wants a better world for her daughters, one where health is attainable at any income, the planet thanks us for our contributions, and equality, community, and love govern our interactions. She knows a single bouquet of flowers, jar of salve, or basket of homegrown veggies won’t solve the world’s problems…but if Dancing Feathers Farm’s harvest helps even just one person, it’s all worth it.

When not chasing chickens, wrangling our Great Pyrenees, or deadheading zinnias, you can find the inhabitants of our farm snuggling under piles of blankets during Sunday sunrises, pointing and squealing from the passenger seat when passing a field of horses, and smiling about mama's gray “unicorn strands.” 

We welcome all questions and ideas at info@dancingfeathersfarm.com. We are so, so happy to welcome you to our circle of friends.