Our store is temporarily closed while we get settled on our new farm in Michigan! Stay tuned for our relaunch.


Frequently asked questions (and answers!) about suppliers, shipping, variances, refunds, and liability policies at Dancing Feathers Farm:


Dancing Feathers Farm takes pride in our transparent and well-researched ingredients. Check out the links below to learn more about our beloved suppliers! 

Coconut Oil: Tropical Traditions

Lard: Wallace Farms

Beeswax: Dad's Bee Tree in Crystal Lake, Illinois - allened19@yahoo.com

Shea Butter: Fair Tale Ghana

Olive, Grapeseed, and Castor Oils: Bulk Apothecary

Essential Oils: Mountain Rose Herbs, The Plant Guru, Mother Nature's Essentials, Plant Therapy

Lye: The Lye Guy

Pine Rosin (and yes, that's ROSIN, not resin!): Diamond G Forest Products, LLC

Flower and Vegetable Seeds: Seed Savers, Johnny'sBaker Creek


All Dancing Feathers Farm product is happily shipped in 100% reused packaging - each and every box we ship arrived to us with something else in it (most likely supplies!). We also accept donated boxes from friends and family, so don't be surprised if your order arrives in an Amazon box! We adore keeping packaging out of landfills and strive to reduce dependency on new and shiny boxes from the post office. We could very easily use new, free packaging....but why use the resources when we have perfectly good boxes, paper, and bubble wrap arriving on our doorstep and all around our community nearly every day? 

No matter where your order box came from, please know the contents of your package are always 100% Dancing Feathers Farm. We do not create, license, or sell under affiliates like Amazon...but we'll gladly reuse their boxes :)

Shipping Times

Do to the nature of farm life, it may take up to 7 business days for your order to ship out. Sometimes (meaning hardly ever, mostly never) we do leave town and when that happens we'll notify you via email and place a banner on the store's webpage. We always strive to ship sooner than 7 days, but we ask you consider this 7 day window when placing your orders. Oh and if you're local, stop by during one of our farmers market stands to avoid shipping at all! We always have select soaps, balms, and wraps for sale at the markets.

USPS delivery time is entirely out of our hands, unfortunately, and dependent on the shipping method you choose during checkout. USPS has great info on average shipping times, especially for your unique area. 

Shipping Restrictions

Dancing Feathers Farm can only ship to the 50 United States of America and APO/FPO addresses. 

Custom Orders

We love custom orders. Do you have a special scent you like? How 'bout color? We can help. Shoot us an email at info@dancingfeathersfarm and we'll be happy to give you a quote and estimated time of completion.

Quick note - custom balms and wraps can be made within 2 weeks, but soaps require at least a 2-3 month cure time. Those babies need time to chill and get nice and solid and sudsy. 

We cannot accommodate bulk orders at this time, sorry! Maybe someday!! :)

Color, Scent, Weight, Size, and Texture Variances

We're sure you've picked up by now that our products are made from the best, most natural ingredients we could find. Nature, in all her beauty and wisdom, very rarely duplicates. This means our products can vary in color, scent, weight, size, and texture. We thankfully learn new things every single day and our products will reflect that as we continue to grow. We appreciate your love and support while we learn!

We're sure you've also gathered the Dancing Feathers Farm shop is filled with homemade products, not factory-made, meaning if our hands shake ever-so-slightly when cutting soaps, the bars will weigh a half-ounce more or less than each other. And did you know our beeswax wrap fabric is cut by kiddos? Don't worry, they're our kiddos. See, we work as a family here at Dancing Feathers Farm and everyone has a job! It's immensely important that our daughters grow up learning life skills and we involve them in as much as we can on the farm. Your beeswax wraps may be oddly-shaped, or cut at a wobbly angle, but they function beautifully...better, even, because they are saturated with love and learning for our future generations.

Lastly, our farm defers to the seasons...and temperature plays a huge part in crops, herbs, cooling, heating, pouring, and coloration. The ingredients of our products will always be transparently listed and consistent - but know you're getting a one-of-a-kind product by design. No two bars, balms, or wraps will look exactly the same! We hope you, like us, will love the perfectly imperfect results of hand, home, and nature made.

Best Care and Use Techniques

So without a doubt, your soaps, balms and beeswax wraps will last longer if you keep them out of direct heat and moisture.

For Your Soaps: Try to let your soaps rest on a soap tray and out of direct streams of water or heat

For Your Balms: Store your balm in a dark, dry place

For Your Beeswax Wraps: Rinse with cold water and let air dry (DFF owner Jen uses her gas stovetop grates - they're perfect for letting the water dry from both sides of the wrap!)

Recycling Incentive

Can you tell we love reused, recycled, and repurposed? So much so...we created a discount for it!

Snap a pic of your favorite way to reuse your Triple B Balm jars, post it to Instagram, and follow and tag @dancingfeathersfarm to get a $5 off coupon code for your next purchase! 

Refund Policy

We don't accept returns on our products because...well...used soaps, balms, and beeswax wraps can be a bit icky! That said, we strive for excellent customer service and will always work with you to resolve any issues, questions, or concerns you have with anything purchased from Dancing Feathers Farm. 

Refunds are handled under the direct discretion of the Dancing Feathers Farm executive team....aka, Jen and her hens. Email info@dancingfeathersfarm.com with any questions or comments and we'll get back to you ASAP!

Liability Policy

Dancing Feathers Farm at no time claims to provide any medical treatment, solutions, or healing properties from any of our products because to do so is against FDA regulations. Please understand your and your family's health is your responsibility. Carefully read all ingredients and perform a patch test of any products you don't personally make yourself before regularly applying anything to your skin or the skin of those you love.

Dancing Feathers Farm in no way accepts any liability for rashes, allergic reactions, or adverse health effects caused by or resulting from the use of any product purchased from this website or any other Dancing Feathers Farm Company sales exchange. By buying from this website, you are agreeing to release and waive all liability claims now and forever and ever against Dancing Feathers Farm, Company. Please, we beg you, read the ingredients...and if you're unsure, talk to your health care practitioner before purchasing or using any new products.