Dairy Goat Herd Shares - Coming Soon!

Dairy Goat Herd Shares - Coming Soon!

Dancing Feathers Farm is excited to offer dairy goat herd shares to our local friends and neighbors in the Southwest Michigan area.

What is a Dairy Goat Herd Share?

In the simplest of terms...a dairy goat herd share is similar to buying a goat and paying Dancing Feathers Farm to handle all the care, milking, veterinary medicine, housing, and work for you!

It's illegal in the state of Michigan to sell milk from a non-Grade A dairy....however it is legal to consume dairy products from your own animals. A dairy goat herd share allows local community members to purchase a share of Dancing Feathers Farm's goat herd so they can enjoy milk from "their" goats.

All participating dairy goat herd share shareholders enter into a contract with Dancing Feathers Farm and understand the inherent risks of raw milk (and the reported benefits). All Dancing Feathers Farm dairy goat herd share shareholders assume those risks (and benefits!) when purchasing a share.

How Does a Dairy Goat Herd Share Work?

Our dairy goat herd produces milk for herd shares from April until September. We leave the remainder of the year for romance, raising healthy goat kids, and rest. 

Once you sign our Dancing Feathers Farm Dairy Goat Herd Share Contract, you'll be given the opportunity to pick up your weekly herd share allowance. We do not offer delivery yet but hope to as we grow our herd share membership.

Dancing Feathers Farm offers three dairy goat herd share options:

  • Whole share - one gallon per week
  • Half share - half gallon per week
  • Quarter share - quarter gallon per week

Shareholders have the option of providing their own clean, quart or half-gallon jars, or renting jars from Dancing Feathers Farm. Shareholders are responsible for returning their jars clean, dry, and ready to be filled each week. 

Dairy goat herd share shareholders have the option to pay month by month at the start of the month during our dairy goat herd share season. We do not offer refunds for months already paid. If you need to skip a week, you'll be given the chance to double up on your allowance the following week. 

What Makes Dancing Feathers Farm Dairy Goats Special?

Our clean, tested dairy goat herd consists of ADGA registered Nubians, Alpines, and Nupines (50% Alpine, 50% Nubian). Our goats are handled with love and respect from birth. We proudly feed our herd with:

  • Locally grown-and-harvested hay
  • Spray-free, on-farm pasture strategically rotated to provide balance
  • Non-GMO, locally-milled grain
  • Nutritious, balanced mineral supplements
  • Goat treats, including veggies from our kitchen garden

Our does raise their babies exclusively for the first two weeks after birth and then share their milk with us as we transition their babies to bottles to prepare them for their new homes. Dancing Feathers Farm dairy does are hand-milked, massaged, and brushed twice daily. Our bucks are given supplemental feed during rut season, handled daily by our kids, and brushed frequently. 

Dancing Feathers Farm dairy goats are tested every 6 months for CAE, CL, and Johne's. We trim hooves every 2-3 months and regularly check for abscesses and health issues.

Our goats live outdoors during the spring, summer, and fall and have access to their well-loved goat castle, goat kid playground, and custom-built outdoor shelters to keep them happy, dry, and safe. Our 1900's barn houses our herd during the frigid Michigan winter months and also acts as our milking parlor and maternity ward.