Mason Jar Candles

Mason Jar Candles

Dancing Feathers Farm mason jar candles are made from American-grown-and-made soy wax and pure essential oils. They burn slow, clean, and with a hint of scent. We don't use any fragrance oils, colorants, dyes, or cored wicks, which means you can fill your home with ambiance without any toxic additives. 

Why soy? We're so glad you asked!
Environmentally friendly
Soy wax is biodegradable and renewable
90% less soot than paraffin wax candles
No more black build-up around your jars
Slower burn time
Our smallest (4oz) candle can burn for 20-24 hours
Unlike petroleum-derived candles, soy candles don't pollute your air quality
Easy to clean
Soy wax can be cleaned off with soap and water

    Our soy candles come in 5 light, gentle scents:
    Lavender and lemon
    Tea tree
    Orange and cinnamon

      Dancing Feathers Farm mason jar candles are available in 2 sizes:
      4oz mason jar
      8oz mason jar

      Important Note: While soy wax is a much healthier alternative to paraffin, it can sometimes be tricky to work with from a candlemaker's perspective (especially when your favorite candlemaking helper is nine years old!). Your candle may have a slightly wavy top or small cracks in the wax. These minor cosmetic flaws do not in any way impact your candle's clean, slow burn. We are perfectly imperfect on this farm.....and proud of it!