Sourdough Bread Pre-Order

Sourdough Bread Pre-Order

Our freshly-baked sourdough is now available for pre-order and pickup at our farm stand in Bloomingdale, Michigan on Tuesdays and Fridays. Each artisan loaf takes over 24 hours to prepare and bake, from the initial mix, to the hourly lift-and-folds, and finally the delicious 1-hour bake. Dancing Feathers Farm sourdough is fantastic for sandwiches, dipping, or even (and especially!) eaten alone. It also freezes very well and can be enjoyed later in the week or on a special occasion. 

Ingredients: Our loaves are made with unbleached white flour, water, sourdough starter, and sea salt. 

***Scoring pattern varies greatly with each bake (and depending on how shaky Jen's hand is that day)!

Check back here often for new sourdough varieties, including lemon and poppy seed, garlic and herb, and dried fruit or find out first about available loaves by following us on the Dancing Feathers Farm Instagram page.

***Please note - sourdough making is an art that demands quite a bit of time near the kitchen. Consequently, we're limited in how many loaves we can bake for each pickup day. Please be sure to order well ahead of time to ensure your order is received before we sell out for the day. You're also welcome to order multiple times a week if you need more than one loaf a week.